WebsiteBuildrz is one of few web design agencies to offer a low-cost, zero-hassle web solution for businesses called Website Leasing.

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What is Website Leasing? Website Leasing is the ability to showcase your business under your domain to the world starting at $199/month. To put it simple: we built an incredible website and you pay almost next to nothing for it.

Where is the value in Website Leasing? To begin, it’s extremely cheap – sometimes cheaper than a phone bill – for any business or person. Second, the website we build will be valued in the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands because of high standards and practices. Lastly, it’s the website you always wanted but couldn’t afford, until now.

What’s the difference between Website Leasing and Web Development?Nothing. It is the same means to an end, except the end is a whole lot cheaper for you. We still go through our development process with you and deliver an incredible website for you to showcase.